About Shanel

Shanel writes. 15042047_10208303609928510_1162684456729183620_o (1)

Not just for herself but for everyone in need of the power of words. After obtaining a degree in journalism from Howard University, Shanel honed her writing skills as a public relations practitioner. She has written editorial and online content for corporate, non-profit, fashion, and political organizations. Her versatile writing expertise has told endless stories for not only established organizations but everyday people. She is most passionate about bringing every person’s story to life through her carefully crafted wordplay.

Shanel’s work is as creative as it is clean. The heart of her writing endeavors lies in her foundation as a fiction writer. She is currently working on her first novel while enticing her readers with culturally moving short stories, poetry, and writing contributions.

Shanel lives by the Steven King quote, “If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have time to write.” She is the founder of Progressionista, a book club program for Detroit girls that exposes them to the benefits of leisure reading. She also writes book reviews and has a digital book club that inspires millenial women to read their way toward success.